About us

Your project deserves more

More than your run of the mill dev shop.
More than an outstaffing company.
More than code monkeys.

With NaNLABS you get more than doers on your team.
We’re a diverse group of thinkers, creators, strategists, and problem-solvers.
Here to help you get things done. Better. And faster.

The best collaborators we’ve ever worked with!

NaNLABS genuinely want to make their client companies successful — unlike most contracting firms. It shows in everything they do: from their interest in the type of problems we’re trying to solve, finding the right talent for that, and adjusting as we go. They care about your success.

Ramya GadiyaramDirector of Engineering, CyberCube

At NaNLABS you're Not a Number


    "Enough is enough!"

    Dev-built in 2013, NaNLABS was born out of frustration. Tired of companies producing sloppy software and treating people like numbers. We said “enough!” (or “¡basta!” in Spanish). The world deserves a software studio where caring for people and technical excellence come first. So that’s what we created.


    We don’t code, we craft.

    From 4 to 50 and growing, our cross-functional squad is trusted and loved by fast-growing startups and enterprise companies across 11+ industries. We bring a people-first approach to building technology, and take our craft seriously. When you work with us, you get sooo much more than code.

Software development without selling your soul

  • We're a perfect match if you...

    • positive Icon

      think agile rocks

    • positive Icon

      need a partner you can trust to help you hit your next milestone

    • positive Icon

      hate corporate BS

    • positive Icon

      crave pricing certainty

    • positive Icon

      want to scale without being burned by unreliable freelancers and full-of-baloney agencies

    • positive Icon

      value high-quality software craftsmanship

  • We're not soulmates if you...

    • negative Icon

      are mean

    • negative Icon

      are looking for the cheapest option

    • negative Icon

      need 200 developers and don't care how you get them

    • negative Icon

      think software is built in a silo

    • negative Icon

      gotta launch your MVP yesterday

    • negative Icon

      want to hire one rockstar developer

    • negative Icon

      want a team of order-takers who don't think or ask questions

  • We do these things really well...

    • positive Icon

      Full-stack development

    • positive Icon

      Team augmentation

    • positive Icon

      User-centered UI/UX design

    • positive Icon


    • positive Icon

      Software architecture 

    • positive Icon

      MVP development

    • positive Icon

      QA automation

      + and more...

Thought, precision and agility at the heart of every collaboration & product we craft.



(Some of) the faces behind the Lab

  • Matias Alvarez Duran

    Co-Founder, Head of Business

    The "determined" one 💪🏻

    • Thinking strategically +++++

    • Full-stack consulting +++++

    • Laughing in the face of ‘impossible’ challenges +++++

    • Ability to walk past a bakery without buying a croissant -

  • Esteban D'Amico

    Co-Founder, Head of Engineering

    The “analytical” one 🚀

    • Making data make sense +++++

    • Improving technical processes +++++

    • Keeping cool under pressure +++++

    • Staying awake until the end of a movie -

  • Carolina Sabatini

    Head of People Operations

    The “chirpy” one 🔥

    • Finding talented developers +++++

    • Creating an awesome place to work +++++

    • Giving magical hugs +++++

    • Keeping good ideas to herself -

  • Julian Alessandro

    Co-Founder, Head of Finance

    The “focused” one 🤔

    • Making sure there’s money in the bank ++++

    • Iterating and shipping things fast +++++

    • Knowledge of Argentine showbiz +++++

    • Speaking quietly -

  • Ezequiel Parada

    Co-Founder, Head of Delivery

    The “empathetic” one 😄

    • Helping developers do their best work +++++

    • Cracking code +++++

    • Telling cringeworthy Dad jokes +++++

    • Keeping his desktop organized -

  • Margarita Peluffo

    Project Manager

    The “pragmatic” one 🙌

    • Getting things done +++++

    • Project tracking +++++

    • Having a spreadsheet for everything +++++

    • Keeping a straight face playing poker -

  • Xoana Terry

    People Development

    The “creative” one ✨

    • Helping teams communicate effectively +++++

    • Listening +++++

    • Accurately guessing your mood in under a second +++++

    • Keeping her desk organized -

Ready to launch your project?

We don't byte

Our big, juicy why

We exist to empower people and organizations through technology. More than things, we focus on delivering value.


The NaNLABS Manifesto

Yet another list of values?Nope. This is the code we live by:

  • not a number icon

    You matter. At NaNLABS people come first.

  • chip in icon

    Software is a team sport. We get our hands dirty and make sure all voices are heard.

  • always be learning icon

    Collective knowledge is our superpower (and kryptonite won’t work)

  • stay agile icon

    Tech moves fast. Plans evolve. We welcome change and adapt.

  • raise the icon

    Anything less than technical excellence? Not on our watch!

  • do what you say icon

    Yes means yes. We deliver on our promises.

  • geek out icon

    Nerds, geeks or techies. We embrace our weird and love what we do. This is our jam!

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